Managing your servers has never been easier.

An amazingly simple app that provides server management platform using different configurations for Digital Ocean servers.

Easily manage your servers. Get Kiteops.

Kiteops is an app that helps you manage your servers and apps/websites hosted
on different cloud providers, starting with Digital Ocean. You can start
using it right now or you can take the tour and get acquainted first.

Get Kiteops or take tour

Quickly setup new servers.

You can configure, manage and automate Digital Ocean servers fast and easy. Just add once your DO API key in the Kiteops account to start.

Quickly setup new servers.
Made for Startups and beyond.

Made for Startups and beyond...

You will manage your servers, apps or websites without the costs, trouble and knowledge levels of an entire Devops department.

Easy to use, clean & intuitive design.

Managing and configuring your servers can be smooth and easy. Our interface will prove you just that. Learning curve? No such thing.

Easy to use, clean & intuitive design.
Affordable pricing plans.

Affordable pricing plans.

As a startup you need to save money for the most important things like developing and getting out there. We thought of that when we made the pricing plans.

Key features