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Start managing your servers fast with our intuitive platform.


All you need to manage and start your servers: easy access to functionality and all-in-a-glance data.


Keep track of your due payments, your billing details. Here you can update them anytime and make payments.


Stuck? Not for long, because Kiteops is a straightforward app. In Support you can find a Knowledge Base with QAs and you can file Tickets for us.

Add new Bundle

Easily add new Bundle so you can group server configuration scripts, cloud servers, applications and deployments. Create any environment.


Bundles are collections of server configuration scripts, cloud servers, applications and deployments. This is the point to start.

Easy to use


Add New Bundle

It was never easier to create a new environment for your projects.

Edit Settings

Use this button to change the settings of your current view (available for Bundles, Servers and Applications).

Go Back

Go back to your previous step quicker than you can say "Engage".


Configurations for different types of servers.
Create your own, customize ours or use them as they are.

Easy to


View more

We're not crowding your screen with tons of information. You can view more info when and where you need it.

View Blueprint

View all information and details for each Blueprint.

Click and Drag

Edit Blueprint

...and edit anything in a giffy.


Actual virtual servers started on your hosting account.
Servers are configured using the scripts defined in corresponding Blueprints.


User Interface

Check if you want it

Painless settings configuration with simple, natural actions.

Alerts you when stuff went good/wrong.

Through intuitive graphic you will always keep up with what is good and what went wrong. So you can attend to each situation fast.


These are applications hosted on your web servers.
You can host multiple apps on your web servers.


Updates to your applications, all listed in one place where you can see the status and access the logs. You can easily use our default scripts or you can customize them.

Select where to deploy

You do not have to deploy on all of them. Just make your selection.

Okay. Let's recap.

Quickly setup new servers.
Easy to use, clean & intuitive design.
Answers to your needs.

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